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Released on: 5/10/2007

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A trip to Spa, organized by Ruth Hodges and Kenneth Macleod in September 2007, proved an enjoyable event in a town that remains as attractive now as it was in its heyday. One of the highlights was the visit to the local museum to view many superb examples of Spa Ware which predated Mauchline Ware and was responsible for developing box painting on snuff boxes being made in Laurencekirk at the end of the eighteenth century. We were also able to see (and buy) examples of Spa Ware as this is still being made in the town. Kenneth also arranged for a coach tour through the Ardennes to Dinant and Namur, which both feature as Mauchline Ware transfers, and this was thoroughly enjoyed by all, even when the double deck coach veered off down a farm road in a quest to spot a castle featured on Mauchline Ware! 
Released on: 4/10/2007

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The Club took a stand at an exciting new show run by the Writing Equipment Society on Sunday 7th October 2007 at Kensington Town Hall in London. As there are so many writing-related Mauchline pieces, it was felt that this should be a good recruiting opportunity for our Club. The show was very well attended, with many overseas visitors and Club members spent the day fielding questions about Mauchline-ware and, hopefully, recruiting new members

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